Fine selection of Gin in Malta

Gin is a distilled spirit which has a predominant juniper flavour. Gin evolved from the old Dutch liquor ‘Jenever’ and become popular in Great Britain when William of Orange became King of England. Gin is usually infused with different herbs, fruits and spices depending on the style wanted. The most traditional way of having gin is by mixing it with tonic. This tradition started when British colonies in the tropical countries were mixing it with quinine to mask its bitterness. Quinine was used to help against malaria thus they were dissolving it with carbonated water, and created the traditional gin & tonic. Today one finds a big selection of gins with various aromas and flavours. Gin is a base of many cocktails and long drinks such as the famous ‘martini’.

At The Vineyard one can find a big selection of gins with different flavour profile. Our selection will change periodically according to the season and will include some small house gins.

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